Cashew Borma Dryer Machine

Cashew Kernels Borma Drying System

Dryers are referred to as BORMA in the cashew processing industry. They are mainly used for drying skin on the cashew kernel to reduce the moisture percentage to loosen the skin of the kernel before peeling. Also, Dryers are used for drying cashew kernels before final Packing to maintain the required final moisture level. Air circulation inside the dryer is supported by a fan(s).

Mode of heating - Agro-based, Steam, LPG/Diesel, and Electricity.

The heat and time control of the dryers are managed by digital temperature and timer control. The Cashew kernels are filled in perforated trays and loaded into a BORMA trolley. Each tray to hold about 5 kgs and 25b trays in a trolley. Trays are offered in Mild steel(MS) and Food grade stainless steel (SS).

Nominal Capacity per batch - 250 kg, 500 kgs, 1000 kg, and 2000 kg

Manufacturing & Supplying - Cashew Borma Dryer System

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Cashew kernel moisture reducing  Machine

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