Cashew Pouch Packing Machine

Automatic and Manual Cashew Nut Pouch Packing Systems

Fully processed cashew kernels are packed in bulk for export shipment in Nett Weight of 25 lbs or 50 lbs (11.34 kg or 22.68 kg) to EU, USA weight standards. For export to Middle East countries, kernels are packed to 10 kg net weight. Traditionally, cashew kernels are packed in 18 Litter Square tins, vacuumised and infused with Carbon di - oxide and hermetically sealed for increased shelf - life to protect from infestation. Exporters/ Importers now prefer packing in Multilayer plastic pouches. Pouches are vacuumised and infused with inert gases like Nitrogen and Carbon di - oxide and sealed. Sealed Tins are packed 2 tins to a carton. Sealed pouches of 25 lbs net weight are packed 2 to a carton. Sealed 50 lbs net weight are packed 1 in a carton. Carton size remains same for tin and pouch packing.

Packing is done using Multi-layered leak-proof pouches, vacuumed to remove oxygen, and infused with an inert gas like Carbon-di-oxide and Nitrogen to improve the shelf life of packed kernels.

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Cashew Nut Manual  Pouch Packing Machines
Cashew Nut Automatic Pouch Packing Machines


Cashew Kernel Manual Pouch Packing Setup
Cashew Multilayered Leak Proof Packing


Cashew nut Tin Packing Machine
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