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Tea Color Sorter Machine – GAYATHRI Brand

  • The intelligent and classic GAYATHRI tea color sortercan sort various types of tea such as Black tea, Green tea, Rock tea, and others.
  • It also removes foreign materials such as stems, glass from the raw material and segregates tea leaves by color, form, or otherwise.
  • Multi-type chutes with anodizing treatment to ensure smooth material flow, improve machine sorting performance, meet different requirements from customers.
  • Accurate material information guarantees stable and uniform characteristics.

Manufacturing & Supplying – Tea Color Sorter Machine

Tea Color Sorter Manufacturer

Features and Benefits of Tea Color Sorter

TI series intelligent tea color sorting machine

  • The new mechanical structure design in the tea color sorting machinemakes the material trajectory more smooth, uniform and reduces material blocking.
  • Shape Sorting + Color Sorting + Intelligent Sorting to meet the sorting needs of various types of tea,
  • A durable LED lamp with a longer life span and RGB-controlled assembly facilitates the cleaning and grading multiple materials.
  • The customized configuration provides the best sorting configuration for all types of tea
  • Fully verified new hardware architecture with high stability.
  • Minimal operational interface, simple operation.

Technical Parameters

Model Output T/h Carry Over Rate
Accuracy Power Supply (V/Hz) Power (kW) Weight (Kg) Dimension
GIAT-T2-2A 0.25 15:1 98% 220/50 1 870 1309 X 1990 X 2111
GIAT-T2-4A 0.35 15:1 98% 220/50 2 950 1930 X 1940 X 2111
GIAT-T2-6A 0.45 15:1 98% 220/50 3 1185 2529 X 1940 X 2111
GIAT-T3V1-6A 0.5 30:1 98% 220/50 4 1700 2529 X 2445 X 1805
GIAT-T3-6A 0.5 30:1 98% 220/50 4 1660 2530 X 2245 X 2620
GIAT-T5C6 0.8 120:1 98% 220/50 7 220/50 3340 X 2978 X 3615

Design and offer various type of sorter according to different customers' requirement and material features,to achieve the optimal sorting performance.


This tea color sorter can sort black tea, green tea, green tea, and rock tea etc...

After-sales service

Do you have any questions about Tea Color Sorter processing capacity, Maintenance & Service Support of Tea Color sorting Machines, Dimension specifications and more? Get answer for all you queries. Checkout the FAQ section below

Get answers for all your queries. Checkout the FAQ section below


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