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Belt Type Color Sorter – GAYATHRI Brand

GAYATHRI Brand Belt Type Color Sorter Machinehelps keep the raw material from breakingduring the sorting process.

It effectively detects Stones and other foreign items and separates them.

Belt-type model machines with high-resolution multi-color camerasintegrate the latest achievements in technology. This machine can sort most cereals with a powerful color recognition feeding crawler and general algorithm for different materials.

The product breakage rate can be considerably reduced with a Belt Color Sorter. The product remains relatively static sincethe Belt Color Sorter commodity is supplied to the sorting region via track transmission.

Instead of using the material, the Belt color sorter uses belt transmission, which is smooth and sturdy. As a result, color recognition is simple, and the accuracy is high.

Belt Type Color sorting machine is used in sorting and grading of Cashewnuts, Walnuts, Plastic, Glass, Large Seeds, etc

Manufacturing & Supplying – Belt Type Color Sorter

Belt Type Color Sorter Manufacturer

Features and Benefits Belt Type Color Sorter

  • Customized designfor garlic, vegetables, and other materials.

  • Special algorithm-better pertinency, higher identification accuracy.

  • According to the sorting requirement for plastic flakes and sheets, we developed the GAYATHRI plastics color sorter with a high-resolution camera and second sorting function. It is a professional sorting device for plastics.

  • Fast and long-focus optical path configuration, with a unique dust-proof structure, effectively solves the pollution problem.

  • Brand new appearance design, the whole machine is made of 304 stainless sheets of steel.

  • Support the front and rear-view phase "and" operation to realize the retention of good and bad materials on one side.
  • 360-degree inspection without dead ends Nowhere to hide blemishes and spots.


MODEL Output T/h Accuracy Carry Over Rate Bad:Good Power Supply (V/Hz) Power (Kw) Weight (Kg) Dimension
GIAT-64K-64X 0.5-1.0 98% 20:1 220/50 2.9 860 3334 x 1266 x 2096
GIAT-128K-64X 1.0-1.5 98% 20:1 220/50 3.4 980 3334 x 1567 x 2096
GIAT-256K-64X 2.0-2.5 98% 20:1 220/50 4.5 1220 3334 x 2168 x 2096
GIAT-256KF-64X 2.0-2.5 98% 20:1 220/50 4.8 1380 3060 x 1902 x 1790
GIAT-256KS-64X 2.0-2.5 98% 20:1 220/50 8.1 1800 3370 x 2169 x 2936
GIAT-256KFS-64X 2.0-2.5 98% 20:1 220/50 9.0 1800 6134 x 1902 x 2865
GIAT-64KM-64X 0.5-1.0 98% 20:1 220/50 2.9 720 2507 x 1185 x 1182
GIAT-128KM-64X 1.0-1.5 98% 20:1 220/50 3.4 850 2507 x 1486 x 1182
GIAT-256KM-64X 2.0-2.5 98% 20:1 220/50 4.5 1180 2507 x 2087 x 1182

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Get answers for all your queries. Checkout the FAQ section below


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