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The X-ray sorting machine sorts and detects foreign matters in almonds, Nuts, Seeds, Pulses, Tea, Herbs, and other commodities as intelligent equipment.

It provides intelligentand comprehensive inspection solutions to its customers to detect and remove tiny metal, glass, stone, plastic, and other particles.

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X-Ray Inspection machine Manufacturer

Features and Benefits of X-Ray foreign matter detector

  • The collaborative design of software and hardware combined with intelligent X-Ray recognition ensures the equipment clearly and sharply captures the original signal characteristics of the material, providing customers with the most economical and accurate X-Ray detection system.

  • Unique radiation protection materials and structures ensure the safety of operators from radiation.

  • HD linear array sensor combined with a high-speed image acquisition system enables exceptionally sharp recognition, making our X-Ray foreign matter detector machine highly accurate.

  • Original 64-channel self-injection nozzle and valve drive mode enable fast response, high detection accuracy, and faster output.

  • The machine's installation and maintenance are made easy with the Integrated design of the detection host and spray valve rejection mechanism.

  • Automatic parameter setting and adjustment functions make the operation more intelligent and user-friendly.


Model Power Supply (V/Hz) Power (KW) Air Consumption (m³/min) Air Pressure (Mpa) Dimensions (mm)
GIAT-X-Ray-4805 220/50 2 ≤1.0 0.6-0.8 2750X1179X2051

Do you have any questions about X-Ray Model Color Sorter processing capacity, Maintenance & Service Support of X-Ray Model Color sorting Machines, Dimension specifications and more? Get answer for all you queries. Checkout the FAQ section below

Get answer for all you queries. Checkout the FAQ section below


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