Rice Color Sortex Machine

Introduction to GAYATHRI Brand Rice Color Sorter Machine.

GI AGRO TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD Offers rice sorting and grading machine in 'GAYATHRI ' Brand for sorting rice based on shape, size, and color and separates them from impurities and foreign material contamination.

The Rice grading machine has very high sorting and grading efficiency using optoelectronic technology with very high accuracy and speed to separate different grades of grains like rice and millets.

Our High Quality Rice Sorter Models:

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What are Rice Color sorting and grading machines?

  • The sorting and grading of Agricultural produce play a vital part in segregating the crop based on its final quality, thus enhancing market share and profitability for Agro-Processing Industry, traders and farmers.
  • Traditionally, the final sorting and grading of Agro produce based on shape, size, and color were done manually. The cost of manual grading weighs heavily on the final graded material price, a burden on the consumer. Apart from being a tedious and high labour activity, it also requires high skill labour to do the grading.
  • Automation of sorting and grading dry materials with very high speed and accuracy is achieved with the help of Optical color sorters equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology which meets the standards set for the Agro produce at a fraction of cost compared to manual intervention. As a result, color sorted and graded materials are fit for final packing for shipment directly.
  • Investment in color sorter ensures high efficiency sorting in minimum time, resulting in high-quality product output to everyone's benefit.

What is the processing capacity of your Rice Color sorter machines?

  • The capacity of the Rice Sortex machine depends upon the type and model.
  • The minimum capacity of a Belt-type Color sorter is 500Kg/hr; while the maximum processing capacity is 2500 Kg/hr. (Contamination will affect processed quantity)
  • The minimum capacity of a Chute type Color sorter is 500Kg/hr (1 Chute), and the maximum capacity is 20,000 Kg/hr (12Chutes) (Contamination will affect processed quantity)

What are the Rice Color Sorting machine dimension specifications?

  • The dimension will vary for different models.
  • Minimum Dimension: 980 x 1564 x 1319(L x B x H in millimetres)
  • Maximum Dimension: 4390 x 1671 x 2208 (L x B x H in millimetres)

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