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GAYATHRI Brand Chilli Color Sorter Machine provides separate "shape sorting,""color sorting," and "shape sorting + color sorting" simultaneously.

Sorting accuracy is increased using high-end special lenses and upper and lower double-view cameras in each layer of the sub-option.

One-hopper multi-purpose discharging system can be set up for waste and finished products without the need to replace them.

The automatic fault protection and notification function will automatically stop working and notify before the machine is damaged, effectively ensuring that the conveyor belt is prevented from being damaged.

Chili sorter machine

Features and Benefits of Chilli Color Sorter

  • It adopts a high-definition super-color CCD camera image acquisition system and a visualized dynamic image capture system, which can display material captured images on the screen in real-time, realize online dynamic information collection, sorting quality detection, data intelligent analysis, and can freely select and store the most preferred solutions: high resolution and fast processing speed.

  • International high-end full-color line scanning technology, DSP+FPGA global cutting-edge processing technology, color, and shape combined with multiple modes of intelligent and complex algorithms, providing "color sorting + shape sorting" solutions for different materials. It has the function of sorting size and thickness.

  • The fan blowing system generates high-speed airflow to quickly remove dust and light objects on the glass in front of the lens to ensure resolution and color selection accuracy. In addition, the independent blow-up and draw-up system and the blowing system of the sorting glass can adjust the air volume independently and the anti-breakage function.

  • The operating platform is intelligent but easy to master and easy to operate. It truly realizes man-machine dialogue, smart docking, and peace of mind. Moreover, it has a remote-control function, and the machine can be efficiently operated and controlled through a mobile phone.
  • According to the customer's different needs, it can be flexibly set to realize that the waste and finished products of the upper layer can be resorted in the lower layer without changing the hopper.

Technical Parameters:

Model Output T/h Carry Over Rate Bad:Good Accuracy Power Supply (V/Hz) Power (kW) Weight (Kg) Dimension(in mm)
GIAT-256KS-64X 1 - 2 99% 20:1 220/50 4.9 2370 3300 x 1950 x 2650
GIAT-384KS-64X 1.5 - 2.8 99% 20:1 220/50 8.8 2630 3325 x 2530 x 2425
Color Sorting Technologies
Chilli Color Sorter

After-sales service

Color Sorting machine Service

Do you have any questions about Chilli Color Sorter processing capacity, Maintenance & Service Support of Chilli Color sorting Machines, Dimension specifications and more? Get answer for all you queries. Checkout the FAQ section below

Get answers for all your queries. Checkout the FAQ section below


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